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Your Best Friend in Ranching...


Ranch Buddy was created by a rancher for ranchers. It's purpose is to streamline the process of feeding a herd while keeping the rancher safe from harm and out of the elements. Frustrated at not being able to find equipment that allowed him to feed smaller herds safely, Ken designed this unique and versatile system. The sturdy frame hooks over the top of the tailgate, resting against the bumper for stability. If you do not have a tailgate or wish to use an ATV the optional hitch attachment is available.

Simple to Use

Ranch Buddy slides onto a frame attached over your tailgate or into the optional attachment for your hitch. The same frame is suitable for use with a truck or ATV, allowing you to use this on multiple vehicles or formats. The galvanized sheet metal hopper is so light even a child can lift and slide the Ranch Buddy in position.


Choose Your Model

Your choice of two lightweight galvanized sheet metal hoppers lets you decide if you want to operate the feeding process with a remote control as shown above or manually (below).


How Does It Work?

Load up to 200 pounds of feed into the hopper. Reload as needed from the bed of your truck. Feed is dispensed by simply pulling a rope to lower the chute. This allows the feed to flow out of the chute as you drive. Release the rope and the the chute returns to its original upright position. If you are using the remote control option, raise or lower the chute to any position with the touch of a finger! No matter which hopper you use, you are always in control of the feeding while avoiding being trampled by cows, walking in the mud or weathering the elements. Below is a photo showing how the Ranch Buddy frame is attached on the optional hitch attachment.


Optional Hitch Attachment

Slide the optional hitch attachment into a standard size hitch receiver if you don't have a tailgate or if you are planning on using the Ranch Buddy on your ATV.